Concerned about about your security? Worried that you may be under attack, or want to understand how to protect your business, your staff and your customers from the risks of cybercrime?

Talk to us, we are here to help.

We’re here to provide practical, no-nonsense help, support and consulting services to organisations of every size.

With professional support to assist you in identifying the threats and risks, analysing and identifying any weaknesses in your defences (before the bad guys do), and taking you through the steps needed to seal the gaps and train and advise your employees on how to stay safe and protect the business, and themselves.


We offer website and application audit and review services, including custom penetration testing, from affordable super-lightweight reviews, that will help to quickly identify critical issues and significant threats – right through to major cyber security audits that test your organisation’s defences both on and off the network.

Our lightweight audits are suitable for small businesses and organisations with relatively low staff numbers and a limited number of internet-facing applications and entry points. We can agree with you to test selective features, such as your website or e-commerce store, aiming to pin down the major risks and providing you with a straightforward, easy to understand audit report that uses a traffic light approach to identify the critical issues and the low priority concerns.

If you need a more substantial analysis of your organisation then we can provide tailored custom audits, that extend from entirely remote vulnerability testing all the way to ethical hacking, physical intrusion tests and simulated social engineering attacks.


With 20 years of experience in managing and developing code behind us, we know how good code and systems are built. With the best will in the world software developers will always cut corners and find the fastest way to perform during the development lifecycle; and this invariably leads to compromise when it comes to security.

Whether you are the customer who is at the receiving end, or the supplier who is developing the software to order, we can help to guide you through the processes and practices you need to employ to ensure that your code is shipped securely, that servers and systems are hardened appropriately and that systems are effectively tested before they are released to production.

We can help you develop security testing and QA processes that you can add to your software release cycle and conduct security reviews of your code before you ship it to the customer.

If you are the customer we can provide assurance by conducting 3rd party security testing before the systems go live, giving you the peace of mind that your code, platforms and data are secure.


Your people are precious; they are also often your biggest risk. The commonest cause of security breaches isn’t sophisticated hackers breaking into your systems and networks using technological magic – it’s far more likely, unfortunately, to be because of human error or deliberate internal unauthorised actions.

We can design and lead cyber awareness workshops and training for your staff, including gamification techniques to help motivate your employees and see the benefits of what they are learning.

We can help you identify the risks inside your organisation, and teach you how to ensure that your data and systems are secured – password best practice, secure use of email, appropriate audit controls that don’t disrupt business or impact staff morale.

Let us help you to turn your weakest link into your strongest defence.


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