Protect your business from just £7.99 / month

Cyber crime is on the rise. We’re on a mission to help millions of businesses stay protected in an increasingly hostile online environment.

    Why Sitewatch?

    • Peace of mind that your website and data is protected.
    • Get set up in 5 mins with zero expertise required.
    • Real time alerts so you can act quickly if issues arise.
    Up and running in 5 minutes
    Sitewatch is fully remote with no configuration required. Within minutes of signing up, it’s fully operational. No IT expertise required.
    Advanced Cybersecurity
    Remote security checks and analytics to detect hacking attempts, malware, corrupted and insecure code. Monitors vital defences including firewalls and secure certificates.
    Speed & Reliability checks
    Sitewatch runs regular speed checks on your website and alerts you when performance dips. See performance trends to help you make informed decisions about enhancements to your website.
    Security advice and awareness.
    As part of our Watchman community, you’ll have access to our knowledge base, and receive automatic alerts about the latest emerging threats.
    24/7 website and e-commerce platform monitoring.
    Continuous monitoring of public facing websites with automatic alerting when sites go down so you can take immediate action.
    Meet some of the team
    Jerome MacGillivray
    Founder & CEO

    Cybersecurity expert and IT professional with over 25 years in the field.

    Lianne Potter
    Cybersecurity Anthropologist

    Understanding the human behaviours behind cybersecurity.

    Will Godwin

    Sharing Watchman’s vision with the world.

    Tania Ruiz
    Insider Author

    Making cybersecurity knowledge accessible to everyone.

    Solaiman Pupal
    Strategy Associate

    Technical whizz and big-picture thinker.

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